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Increase your PC's maximum volume

Letasoft Sound Booster is a multimedia tool that allows users to raise the volume of their desktop computers above the maximum level. It is not a plugin, so it works on its own. It works with every media player and other programs that can play sound in PC. More, it boosts sounds in real-time, allowing you to actually hear what’s being played. Letasoft Sound Booster enables you to increase volume up to 500% of the original maximum level.

Amplify your PC audio

Some audio and video contents come with barely audible sounds. Even if you crank up the audio levels to 100%, you cannot really enjoy the sound. As a measure, you can use an amplifier that you can attach to your PC and then connect your headphones or speaker to it. You can also use sound boosting apps, like Letasoft Sound Booster, to amplify the sound at the software level itself.

The program works by integrating with Windows—installing a new audio processing object—allowing it to automatically increase the volume of all your sound-playing applications. No other setup needed. After installing the app, it will place an icon in the system tray of the Windows taskbar. 

Basic operations are very simple. You only need to click the icon to open the volume slider control where you can increase or decrease the volume level. As mentioned, you can go up as high as 500% level as opposed to the regular volume control, which can only go as high as 100%. 

Letasoft Sound Booster also allows you to control the volume levels via a configurable hotkey. By default, the hotkeys are F10 and F9 for increasing and decreasing the volume, respectively. You can open the Sound Booster options to change these hotkeys.

The default setting should work for most people, but the app offers a Preferences dialogue to choose different boost mode. Letasoft Sound Booster is a paid app. There is a fully-featured trial version, although it stops amplifying sound every ten minutes. 

Don’t crank it up too high

When you use Letasoft Sound Booster, you will notice an increase in your system volume. However, be wary of turning up the volume too high. The higher you went, the more crackles and distortion you will hear. To avoid the screeches in the background, you will have to stop at around 25-30%. 

Another worth noting issue regarding the app is that it fails to identify audio streams. It also does not allow sound customization of each stream. So, if you have two or more audio-playing app opened, Letasoft Sound Booster will raise the sound on everything at the same time. 

Lots of caveats to consider

Letasoft Sound Booster works when it comes to increasing the volume on your computer. However, it does not improve the sound quality, just volume. More so, while it can crank up the volume to 500%, doing so is not advisable. Turning up the level too high will cause a screeching sound that can be painful to one's ears. It also doesn’t help that the app does not allow customization of each sound stream. If you are only looking to increase your PC’s system volume, you might be able to achieve something similar by installing a free audio equalizer.


  • It works
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  • Not customizable enough

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Letasoft Sound Booster


Letasoft Sound Booster for PC

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  • Doug Last

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    great software , love the great and improve sound , and the best i use so far

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